Obtaining Your Arizona Temporary Permit

Once you have completed your drivers education course, you will be ready to apply for your Arizona learner's permit.

A learners permit can be obtained from the Arizona Learners Permit Division of the Department of Transportation. This allows a prospective driver to operate a motor vehicle under the instruction of a qualified driver who holds an Arizona drivers license. 

The accompanying driver must be at least 21 years old and should be in the front seat at all times. No other occupants should be in the front of the car. Applicants for an Arizona learners permit must be at least 15 1/2 years old. The Arizona learners permit is valid for only 12 months.

Applying For An Arizona Learners Permit

When applying for an Arizona learners permit, applicants are required to do the following:

  • Enroll in an Arizona state approved Driver’s Education course. Please note that a driver is not expected to complete the course before they are issued their Arizona learners permit.
  • Complete the Arizona learner's permit application form
  • If the applicant is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian will be required to co-sign the application form.  The signature has to be witnessed by an Arizona MVD agent or a notary public. The co-signer will be required to present identification as well as proof of guardianship.
  • Pay the requisite examination fee
  • Present valid identification, including their Social Security number 
  • Present proof of age
  • Complete both a written and vision screening test 

Arizona Learners Permit Tests
The written test covers the general rules and practices of the road, such as obeying a police officer, traffic lights and road signs.  

The vision screening is ensures that a learner’s sight is good enough so that he or she will not cause danger or harm to other users of the road.

Arizona Learners Permit Exam Preparation

Online Practice Tests
It is recommended that a driver who is learning take the Arizona learners permit online practice test before going to the Arizona Learners Permit Division of the MVD. The online Arizona learners permit test consists of similar questions that are on the actual exam. 

Drivers Manual
A learning driver, however, is still expected to read the entire drivers manual. A learning driver may download the manual from the Arizona MVD website. Being adequately prepared will increase a learning driver’s confidence as well as a driver's chance to pass the actual test.

Arizona Learners Permit Next Step
Once an Arizona learners permit holder is ready to take the exam, they may schedule an appointment at a nearby Arizona MVD office.  When the Arizona Department of Transport issues a learners permit, it does not mean that a learners permit holder is able to drive independently on the road, as they might become a threat to other drivers, cyclist and pedestrians.

During this period, an Arizona learners permit holder is expected to complete the necessary driving lessons and practices, which will allow them to pass the tests and qualify for an Arizona drivers license. If a permit holder is not able to obtain the actual drivers license within 12 months of receiving a Arizona learners permit, the driver will need to get a new permit. Drivers will need to have a valid permit when taking the test for the Arizona drivers license.